White Label VS Private Label, What’s the Difference?

In private label dropshipping, dropshippers are able to modify and enhance the products according to their needs. While in white label dropshipping, dropshippers sell generic products and repackage them under their own brands without altering the products themselves.

Benefits Of White Label Dropshipping

Sell under your brand
Increase your brand identity
Make custom packaging

Benefits Of Private Label Dropshipping

Sell under your brand
Increase your brand identity
Make custom packaging
High degree of customization
Print logo on the product
Customize the product color
Change the product material
Make other changes to the product to bring more value to your audience

How We White Label a Product to Fit Your Brand?

It’s easy. Tell us what you want, and we’ll bring your ideas to life.

1/ Designing & Ordering

Pick a style from our collection. Contact your support agent to confirm the design, size, and MOQ. If you don’t find what you like, describe your needs and we’ll work out a tailored solution for you.

2/ Confirming the Mock-Up

We’ll send you the design file for confirmation, so you can get a better idea of how your custom packaging will look like with your brand logo on it.

3/ Inspecting the Quality

We believe that an impressive package will create a marvelous unboxing experience and build connections with your customers. That’s why we dare not neglect quality.

4/ Packing & Shipping

We pack the products with your branded packaging in the way you desire. Choose your preferred shipping method and we’ll ship the package to your customers around the world.

Custom Packaging in All Styles

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

NicheDropshipping Cloth Bag 2

Cloth Bag

NicheDropshipping Gift Box 2

Gift Box

NicheDropshipping Hangtag


NicheDropshipping Customized Card

Insert Card

NicheDropshipping Jewelry Box 1

Jewelry Box

NicheDropshipping Mailer Box

Mailer Box

NicheDropshipping Mailing Bag 1

Mailing Bag

NicheDropshipping Shipping

Shipping Box

NicheDropshipping Shoe Box

Shoe Box

NicheDropshipping Shopping Bag

Shopping Bag

NicheDropshipping Stickers


NicheDropshipping Zipper Bag 2

Zipper Bag