Private Labeling

We help dropshippers who are aiming to build their business for the long term and with bigger profits by offering them customized private label dropshipping services.

How We Help You to Build Your Brand by Private Label Dropshipping Services?

1/ Product Development

Our product sourcing team sources factories, works on the product mockup, and private labels it to speak for your brand.

2/ Confirming Samples

As your agent in China, we ask factories to make samples, and send you pictures, videos or actual samples by express for your confirmation.

3/ Following Up Production

To make sure the products produced are consistent with the samples, we send QC staff to follow up the production.

4/ Performing Quality Inspection

Quality separates you from your competitors. That’s why we perform stringent quality checks to support your business.

5/ Managing Inventory

Your private labeled products are taken care of in our warehouse at no extra charge. You are able to track your inventory in real time.

6/ Shipping Worldwide

With the various shipping options we provide, you can choose the one that is suitable for your business.

Why Choose MoExport as Your Private Label Dropshipping Supplier?

Saving More Time

With MoExport, you get a whole professional team and experts in China to work on your projects.

Earning More Profits

We have graphic designers to improve the presence of the product packaging. Stunning appearance allows for more profits.

Gaining More Customer Loyalty

Great products speak to your audience. Customers love the brand that brings value and solves their pain points.

Creating More Brand Visibility

How can your audience spread the word about your brand if they can’t see you? We help you create your unique product to make you stand out from the crowd.

Avoiding Troubles

As a professional sourcing agent and dropshipping supplier, we have built our reputation among the dropshipper community. With MoExport, you are in safe hands.

Success Stories

Over the past few years, we’ve been helping hundreds of Amazon and Shopify sellers to build their own private label brands. The capabilities are proven.

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