Our Fulfillment Services


We can store your orders in our warehouse or ship it to your preferred warehouse to enable fast shipping to your customers.


For your orders with multiple items, we receive the products from different suppliers and bundle them into one single package. So that means now you can create bundle orders in your shop or include different gifts in your product offer which will skyrocket your sales.

Quality Check

As an agent in China and a fulfillment center in the USA, we can help check the product quality to make sure your customers won’t receive a bad one.


We have workers at different warehouses, offering on-demand labeling service. Contact our agent for more details.


We package your products using different materials depending on the product nature. If you have your own packaging materials, you can send them to us and we’ll pack your orders on your request.


Looking for the cheapest shipping, the fastest shipping or a mix of cost and speed? Our flexible shipping solutions can meet your needs.

Why Choose MoExport as Your Fulfillment Center?

Fast shipping

Better processing rates/ handling fees

Get your items safely packed in the most suitable way

Our well-trained workers handle your goods with care